Note: This playlist is merely a sample of the kind of music we have to play for you. We have a vast amount of music that is not shown on the playlist, since we have over 50,000 songs in our collection.

The attached sample playlist here is a large (15 page) document. If you have a dialup connection, we recommend that you click on the "Microsoft Word" link below. Then the playlist can be viewed in Microsoft Word or a compatible Word Processor. You can also save the playlist as a Microsoft Word table, and then use the "Sort" function in Word to resort the playlist by artist or title, if you wish, instead of the way it is sorted now -- by type/genre of music.

The playlist is also available below as an html file, viewable from your browser, but it may load slowly if you have a dialup connection.

Click the webpage link in the document or "Back" in your browser window to return to our homepage.

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